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Navigating Virtual Recruitment with MC '19

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Dear PNMs,

Hello from the AXO 2019 member class (MC), or us Alpha Chis who just got initiated this past year! It feels like our bid day was just yesterday, yet in the blink of an eye we are about to get our own littles! Our member class was definitely looking forward to a traditional recruitment where we could door chant our hearts out and meet every PNM that walked through our house. We're deeply saddened this won't be our reality this year, but safety always comes first.

Although we won't be getting our envisioned recruitment, we know PNMs won't get a "normal" recruitment either. Don't let this send you into a spiral of nervousness and anxiety! We're all in this together. Luckily, the heart of recruitment remains the same - PNMs are here to find a home where they are loved, accepted, and welcomed with open arms. Trust us, we're patiently waiting to give our 2020 member class a huge hug on bid day - whether it's through a screen or not.

Here's some of our member class's best tips for navigating the unprecedented waters of virtual recruitment:

"Since recruitment is online I think it's important after each round to immediately write down your impressions of the house. In any case sitting behind a computer and talking a lot can be exhausting so record your top of mind thoughts as soon as possible. Some things to write down would be: what you talked about, who you talked to, what you liked/disliked, and what stood out to you!"

-Christine Bergmann, MC '19

“Bring up personal stories and things you’re passionate about— these are what will make you stand out! We'll always remember girls who told us something personal about them besides the usual stuff like where they are living.”

-Rachel Beese, MC '19

“Just be genuine! Even though online recruitment can feel a little awkward at times, we are definitely still able to get a feel for your energy through the screen. As long as you are confident in yourself, it will all work out!”

-Lindsay Bartol, MC '19

"Don't be afraid to open up and speak out more even if it feels a little awkward or uncomfortable on screen. We all feel that way. Also keep and open mind and trust the process like usual!"

-Chloe Prahl, MC '19

"Recruitment is all about the conversations you have and how they make you feel! However it can sometimes be hard to remember everything that happens during the week because you will be talking to so many different people. This is why I strongly encourage taking notes!! Write down what you talked about, how the conversation felt, and if you could see yourself and the other person being friends!

-Anisa Ogando, MC '19

"Talking over Zoom is hard and it's okay to be nervous! I think that's something we need to be told on our side as well. Connecting with people through a screen isn't normal and I think I'm going to be nervous too. Just do your best to open up and meet new people. That's what college is all about anyway."

-Zoë Fowler, MC '19

From our member class to every PNM - we are so excited to meet y'all ~over Zoom~ and welcome MC '20 into our sisterhood! Alpha Chi Omega is our home where we can be our weird, hilarious, and genuine selves. We found that through meeting all our amazing older sisters during recruitment, and we hope you can as well this year!


Alpha Chi Omega MC'19

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