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What We're Up to This Summer!

In the past months since the breakout of Covid-19, it’s felt like our world has been put on pause. Day after day, we wait for the next breaking news report or email from university administration without a prospect of what’s to come next. Yet, life must go on, no matter how crazy and unpredictable it might be. We’ve stayed connected with our sisters through Zoom and facetime, persisted through some grueling online classes, and continued to look forward to our future career aspirations. 

This summer, many of our sisters are accomplishing so many amazing things despite the challenges our reality brings us. From internships to jobs and everything in between, the sisters of Texas Alpha Chi are truly making the most out of their time away from campus. Here are some of their amazing endeavors!

Shaping the future of education:

Andrea Soto (MC ’18) is an accounting major in the McCombs School of Business here at the University of Texas at Austin. She has been applying her talent and skills through her internship this summer with the Scholastic Network.

The Scholastic Network is a company that serves as a communication platform for K-12 schools across the country so they can more easily broadcast info using new technology. It is companies like these that help shape the foundation of education for our future, and we are so proud that one of our very own sisters is playing a role in this experience.

"I sit in on meetings to take notes and assist them on projects that need help. Being able to get an inside look on what this company does has been able to challenge me and help me be more creative in my thinking and work ethic. I think especially in a time like right now where virtual learning is playing such a large role in peoples’ education, it is important to become familiar with technology and how it can help children in these K-12 schools.”

Creating a greener world:

Madi Bradley (MC ’17) is an incoming senior Environmental Science major who is another example of a sister who is working hard to create a better future through her accomplishments. This summer, Madi is working for NASA’s DEVELOP National Program which addresses environmental and public policy issues through interdisciplinary research projects that apply the lens of NASA Earth observations to community concerns around the globe.

“My team’s project is focused on ecological forecasting in Mark Twain National Forest. In the early 1900s, settlers in Missouri’s Ozarks heavily logged pine trees for railroad construction, and now only a small fraction of these pine communities remain in their historic range today. My team will be using satellite imagery from 1986-today to create land cover maps of the region to identify areas that are in need of forest restoration. We’ll also create an ecological forecasting model out to the year 2040 that will predict changes in forest composition and structure under various climate change scenarios to aid the US Forest Service with efficient, targeted restoration.

It has been an honor to work with such talented scientists and government officials on a project that will provide so much benefit to society. I’ve learned so much already and I’m really excited to use the skills I’ve developed this summer in future earth science research endeavors!” 


Kayla Traversone (MC ’17) is an incoming senior Radio-Television-Film (RTF) major and is putting her producing and filmmaking experiences to work this summer at the The Producers Guild of America (PGA). The PGA is a trade association that represents hundreds of TV, film, and new media producers across the nation. The creation of all our favorite films and TV shows would not be possible without the hard work and passion of producers like Kayla.

“I originally received my internship offer with the Producers Guild of America (PGA) because I was on track to partake in the UTLA program this summer. Because of COVID-19, the entire experience got moved online, but I was lucky enough to keep my internship and perform everything virtually.

I mainly work with the legal team and help research different producers to see if they’re eligible for awards. I also help edit together some Q&As that they do – one of them that I worked on was with Babyface and Ludacris, so that was a really cool experience. I also help a lot with their social media pages. My favorite part is definitely getting an inside and early look at films that haven’t been released yet.”

Although this summer is not what any of us expected it to be, our sisters are still working everyday to make an impact on our world. We are so incredibly proud of these girls who truly embody our commitment to being Real, Strong Women.


Claire Minton, MC '19

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