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Fun Fact: 

  • More than 10 people in my family have gone to Texas and it was only school in Texas that I applied to/wanted to go to. 

  • When I was 5 I colored my entire body green with a marker because I wanted to be a frog.

Fun Fact:

  • My first email was “bjdancer10@yahoo”

  • I’m a Navy Brat and have lived all over the Nation.

  • My parents wanted to name me Marsha, which would’ve made my full name Marsha Melo (marshmallow).

"I ran for VP Recruitment because I love Alpha Chi, these girls, and everything this organization supports. Going through recruitment, I found my home here at Alpha Chi and I wanted the opportunity to give the same experience to PNM’s this year by showing them how fun, supportive, strong, and kind we truly are!"

Bailey Jo Melo

Alyssa Freeman

"I wanted to be VP Recruitment Information because I wanted to help bring in a new member class and be instrumental in helping young women find a home like I have in Alpha Chi."

VP Recruitment Information

VP Recruitment