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OUR 2023

Aside from my passion for recruitment and the Alpha Chi Chapter in general, I felt called to run for Vice President of Recruitment because I want to provide transparency for PNMs throughout recruitment. The process of recruitment can be difficult and artificial, and as a PNM, I remember that I wanted a real, true, and genuine sisterhood. I am beyond grateful that my journey led me to Alpha Chi. College and life, in general, can be challenging, and I want PNMs to find the same everlasting sisterhood I found at Alpha Chi. Since joining Alpha Chi, I have grown into the woman I’ve always wanted to become, and I want to help PNMs find the same ever-so-supportive and loving community I found at AXO. I want to be able to provide that home away from home I found at Alpha Chi as an out-of-state student who didn’t know a single person at UT.

I cannot wait to showcase the one-of-a-kind sisterhood that makes Alpha Chi so special. Each one of our members is unique and valued for their differences, and the thing that unites us is our love for each other and Alpha Chi.

While recruitment can be intimidating, my one piece of advice for PNMs is to stay true to yourself and to your values. It can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of recruitment, but it is best to remember what you want out of a sorority and trust the process. Be yourself and make the most of it.




I knew I wanted to run for VP Recruitment Information the second that MC ‘22 ran home to all of us on Bid Day! Seeing the girls literally sprint through the San Antonio parking garage and into our arms, I thought about how I had been in their shoes just a year ago, and how it was the best decision I have ever made. The overwhelming and encompassing feeling of being a part of something that is bigger than yourself, and the start of a new chapter in your life with amazing girls by your side, is something that I want everyone to undergo, and so I knew I wanted to play a bigger role in recruitment. My love for Alpha Chi and my sisters runs so deep, and I hope that everybody experiences the same endearment, support, and everlasting devotion that I have found at AXO!

I am most excited about Polish week, and meeting all of the PNMs! In preparing for recruitment last year, my entire MC grew even closer, and although it felt like a fever dream, we all had so much fun. I can’t wait to guide my chapter through this process, which will then lead up to recruitment week when Emma and myself will get to finally encounter and connect with all of the potential new members who come to Alpha Chi. Although these few weeks can be super hectic, I am extremely eager to showcase what AXO means to all of us, and in turn, get to know all of the PNMs!


My one piece of advice is to completely and unapologetically be yourself. I know this is something that everyone tends to say, but it is such an important part of the process. Try your best to relax, be confident in the young woman that you are, and know that everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to. Trust your gut, and understand that whichever sorority you open up your bid card to will be the beginning of the best part of these next four years!

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