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"I ran for the VP Recruitment position because I honestly just loved recruitment on both ends, the PNM side and the active side. I loved meeting tons of new people and it was just a super awesome experience, so that made me want to be involved in creating that experience for everyone else!

I am really excited this year to get to meet a lot of cool girls, even if it's just over zoom, because after this summer of not getting a ton of social interaction I can’t wait to get to know new people! I am also so excited to be apart of the team that is helping create this new way to do recruitment since it is all virtual this year.


My best recruitment advice is to get to know all the other girls going through recruitment with you because those girls could end up in your member class!!" 

Eden Fink

Ana Stanovcic

"I ran for VP RI because I loved recruitment as a PNM, but what really made me want to run for the position was my first recruitment on the chapter side. The experience made me so much closer with girls in the chapter, and I loved seeing everyone so excited about the same thing - our new MC! I wanted to make recruitment the best experience possible for both the girls in our chapter and for every PNM who comes through recruitment at Alpha Chi!

I cannot wait to see new faces coming to UT, and for amazing new girls to join our chapter! I want to make this the most comfortable and fun experience for them as possible, even over zoom.


When it comes to recruitment, the best thing you can do is relax and see it as a fun experience. The whole point is to find the place where you are most comfortable being you - and a place you’d be happy to call your home in your college years."

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