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 2022 Exec BoarD 

Anisa Ogando

Anisa Ogando Chapter President

Catherine Friedel

Catherine Friedel Chapter Relations & Standards

Anna McDonough

Anna McDonough VP Finance

Kate McGhee

Kate McGhee VP Risk Management

Lindsey Warner

Lindsey Warner VP Recruitment

Mary Amelia Atteberry

Mary Amelia Atteberry VP Recruitment Information

Hannah Bookout

Hannah Bookout VP Ritual & Fraternity Appreciation

Megan Fletcher

Megan Fletcher VP New Member Education

Klein Thompson

Klein Thompson VP PR & Marketing

Sophie Rios

Sophie Rios VP Intellectual Development

Sydney Tischler

Sydney Tischler Panhellenic Delegate

Skylar Bartosh

Skylar Bartosh VP Membership Programming

Katie Andaur

Katie Andaur VP Philanthropy

Carsen Hartung

Carsen Hartung VP Facility Operations

Mariah McCardell

Mariah McCardell VP Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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